Building the market for safer gas tubing

General Industrial

The further development of Flashshield+, including investments in new machinery and technology, and a full range of sizes, has led to successful contracts with new distributors, contractors and large-scale construction projects. Transition to Flashshield+ has been high due to the range of features incorporated into the product.

The FlashShield+ system for supplying natural gas and propane in residential and commercial structures was designed after extensive voice of customer and engineering research, utilising innovation from the food industry.

The corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) has four layers of protection that are bonded together using specially engineered adhesives. Each layer has a specific function to address multiple safety points and protect the CSST. The product has a simplified installation process through further innovation around earthing connections, a key output from the voice of customer research, as well as being better performing.

FlashShield+ is also the only product of its kind to have industry-leading lightning protection as well as household fault current protection.

Gas tubing