John Crane’s Advanced Production System

General Industrial

In today’s data-driven and connected world, it’s imperative for businesses to adopt smart management and production systems for optimal operational performance. An advanced production system (APS) is based on mutual interaction between people, machines and computer networks. Through real-time information and visualisation, an APS helps reduce business waste such as time spent waiting, machine performance and over processing, and facilitates shop floor production management. John Crane’s Lutín site in the Czech Republic installed each of its production machines with touch-screen PCs which allow access to numerical control programme databases, the site’s internal network, and machine data collection interfaces. Paper forms containing standard operation procedures, instructions, guidelines and other manufacturingrelated documents were also replaced by electronic documents making them easy to access and update. Large monitor screens were also installed in manufacturing halls displaying operators’ states, which helps support visual management during shifts. Additional smaller screens were placed in offices to notify shop floor management if a problem were to arise during the production process. The integration of Lutín’s new APS supports on-time delivery, while also reducing production lead time and unplanned downtime, increases efficiency of machinery, and promotes higher production efficiency and quality. Since implementation of the system, average machine utilisation has grown by more than 25%, with numbers continuing to increase.


Advanced Production System