Adapting Technology for the Customer Need

Safety & Security

Smiths Detection is collaborating with the US Department of Defence to develop an adaptor for the Joint Chemical Agent Detector (JCAD) product that significantly enhances detection capability. The Solid Liquid Adapter will allow JCADs to detect a broader library of explosives, chemicals and narcotics in solid, liquid and vapour phases. The JCAD is based on Smiths Detection’s Lightweight Chemical Detector (LCD) product line of advanced, easy-to-use and lightweight threat detection devices. The LCD protects military personnel, police and hazmat responders by alerting operators to toxic substances and dangerous chemicals detected. JCAD is a widely-used chemical warfare agent detector and a flagship product for Smiths Detection, having sold over 99,000 units in its lifetime. Expanding its capabilities will provide additional protection for service personnel in the field.


Joint Chemical Agent Detector