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Improving safety, health and well-being

Our commitment to our people starts with keeping us all safe and healthy. This is our essential foundation and number one focus. We strive to always improve and be proactive, including designing for safety; strengthening our safety culture every day; and working to improve our colleagues’ lives in the round.

We are thankful for those who came before us and helped establish robust safety cultures at our sites that we work to continuously renew, strengthen and connect. We understand that strong safety culture is fundamentally about keeping safety personal and must reflect, and respect, our diverse and global organisation.

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Developing talent

Our organisational commitment is to ensure that all our colleagues have opportunities to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

Smiths colleagues have access to training and resources to undertake their roles safely, effectively, and in line with our policies. Colleagues also have access to a developing range of personal and skills growth resources as they progress in their careers including specialist technical and functional and externally accredited programmes. We are currently honing our leadership programmes to better support business needs and so that our leaders can more effectively support their teams.

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Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

Our team of colleagues represents dozens of nations, speaking a multiplicity of languages, and embodying many different perspectives. We strive to embrace these differences and promote actions and behaviours that will deliver an inclusive and supportive work environment where every member of the Smiths team can be the best version of themselves.

We know that when colleagues feel included, valued, and encouraged to make a meaningful contribution, Smiths will thrive as we continue to attract and retain the diverse talent that we need.

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Contributing to our communities

We aim to improve our world by contributing positively to our communities and society in general.

Smiths products and services support critical global industries where we are pioneering progress in safety, efficiency and environmental performance. Our operations around the world play a beneficial role in local economies through job creation and skills development; procurement and generating tax revenues; and operating safely, environmentally responsibly and ethically. We also engage directly through fundraising, charitable giving and education initiatives.