14 December 2020

Smiths Medical announces launch of Portex® EchoGlo® peripheral nerve block portfolio

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Smiths Medical announces launch of Portex® EchoGlo® peripheral nerve block portfolio

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN, December 14, 2020 Smiths Medical, a leading medical device manufacturer, is excited to announce the launch of its EchoGlo® peripheral nerve block portfolio. This addition to the Portex® portfolio of pain management products offers customers a complete solution for regional anesthesia from pump to patient.

The Portex® EchoGlo® needle has been engineered for echogenic brightness under ultrasound even at extreme angles, which can enhance visualization and accuracy in delivering medication. This proprietary technology helps clinicians to confidently place local anesthetic, which may reduce post-operative dependency on opioids1.

“Smiths Medical is proud to offer EchoGlo® nerve block needles as part of our patient to pump solution. Combining the echogenic brightness of EchoGlo® products with our CADD® pump portfolio provides a full solution for our clinicians and patients,” said Jaimie Mattson, Senior Director, Global Product Management at Smiths Medical.

The launch of the full EchoGlo® portfolio enables Smiths Medical to offer clinicians more solutions to treat their patients safely and effectively.

For more information about our new EchoGlo® portfolio visit https://www.smiths-medical.com/products/pain-management/peripheral-nerve-block--plexus-anesthesia/echoglo-peripheral-nerve-block-needle

1Valdivieso, Ronald MD. “Peripheral Nerve Blocks.” Anesthesia Secrets, 4th Ed., 2011, pp.466-471


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Portex® Echoglo®

Portex® Echoglo®

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