30 April 2019

D Series Connector for Autoclaved Medical Devices

Medical Technology

Medical environments typically dictate products be suited for autoclave sterilisation (a pressure chamber that is used to sterilise equipment and supplies with high temperature steam) and scaled to support a wide range of device styles and sizes.  The medical device industry continues to develop more disposable and cost effective solutions yet the demand remains for high reliability connectivity options.  Increased demand for in-home therapy and longer life spans indicates demand will continue to grow.

Smiths Interconnect announces the D Series connectors as a high reliability alternative to premium priced autoclave compatible connectors. D Series connectors are suited for use in electro-physiology catheters, patient monitors, MRIs, intervascular ultrasounds, defibrillators, infusion pumps and laboratory equipment. 

Smiths Interconnect’s D Series is designed to withstand up to 20 autoclave cycles.  Utilising a high strength polymer, the D Series is selectively loaded with up to 25 hyperboloid contacts, allowing conformity to most device requirements. The system side panel mount receptacle with Hypertac® sockets provides high mating cycle life (up to 100k cycles), while the cost effective male pin plug on the device side ensures reliability with minimal expense.

“The D Series provides medical device manufacturers with a versatile option when designing next generation product solutions,” says Paul Harris, VP Sales & Marketing.  “Specifically developed to endure numerous autoclave cycles, D Series connectors represent a cost effective design solution without sacrificing any performance requirements critical to innovative medical devices.”

For more information visit www.smithsinterconnect.com