26 April 2018

Smiths Medical releases new infusion system with NRFitâ„¢ Connector that prevents drug administration mistakes and safeguards patients' lives

Medical Technology

Hospital patients are often attached to many tubes to deliver medications, which can lead to misconnections between intravenous and epidural tubing.  Incidents have occurred where a device intended to deliver intravenous medication has been mistakenly connected to an epidural site, which can cause severe injury or even death.

NRFit™ is used for Neuroaxial Regional Anaesthesia (Epidurals, etc.). The NRFit™ connectors, bonded on to the tubing, only connect with other NRFit™ systems to prevent the risk of mistakenly connecting the wrong devices and harm being caused when medication is delivered to a patient via the wrong route. The introduction of the new safer connectors will help minimise the risk of cross connection of devices intended for different clinical applications by making connections to the different devices incompatible.

This new infusion system is part of 20+ new product introductions set to be released in 2018. Smiths Medical introduced CADD® Infusion Systems with NRFit Connector at the American Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management Medicine 2018 Annual Meeting.


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CADD-Solis v4 Pump with NRFit