23 April 2018

Smiths Medical introduces EchoGlo® for ultrasound guided pain management that can reduce the need for opioids

Medical Technology

EchoGlo® Continuous PNB solutions are used for ultrasound-guided pain management procedures where an anaesthesiologist is using EchoGlo® needles to place the catheter near a targeted nerve for pain relief during surgery or labour and delivery. These procedures can reduce the need for opioids.


EchoGlo® products have proprietary echogenic technology that enhance the image of the needle and catheter, under the skin, with ultrasound. The EchoGlo® catheter works using embedded bubbles in its unique single layer nylon design whilst the EchoGlo® needle has a unique etched groove design and as ultrasound waves hit the bubbles or grooves they are directed back to the transducer, producing a distinct image of the needle or catheter.  Clinicians can visualise the placement relative to the nerve and other anatomy making it more precise enabling them to enhance the pain relief for patients while minimising complications from the procedure. 


Furthermore, when accompanied with CADD® infusion pumps and Portex® pain management products, Smiths Medical offers a full portfolio of products to perform continuous Nerve Block procedures. These are performed to manage post-operative pain by placing a catheter to continuously infuse a local anaesthetic to the peripheral nerve of the body and block the communication of pain to the brain.


This new innovation is part of 20+ new product introductions set to be released in 2018. Smiths Medical introduced the EchoGlo® Peripheral Nerve Block (PNB) Needles and Catheters at the American Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management Medicine 2018 Annual Meeting.


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