22 May 2008

Smiths Interconnect wins $40 million in contracts to help protect systems from lightning strikes

SMITHS Group, the global technology company, today announces that its Interconnect business has won over $40 million in contracts during its current financial year for equipment that protects high value telecommunications systems from lightning strikes and power surges.

The contracts include:
• Protection of a major mobile technology deployment in the US
• A partnering arrangement to provide power cabinets and kitting solutions for broadband wireless carriers, which are being deployed in major US metropolitan areas including New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Atlanta
• Provision of protection hardening solutions for the US Army and Marine Corps next generation satellite communication systems

Paul Cox, Group Managing Director of Smiths Specialty Engineering, said: “These contracts are evidence of our strong market position and our ability to deliver advanced protection solutions for a wide range of environments. 

“We are focusing on consolidating manufacturing in our Interconnect business and we have opened a facility in Tijuana Mexico, where Interconnect’s Protection and Connector units are working together under the same roof to deliver the outstanding communications capabilities our customers require.”

The contracts have been awarded since August last year. 


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