28 September 2007

Smiths Interconnect announces contracts worth over US$90 million

SMITHS Interconnect, part of the global technology company Smiths Group, today announces that four of its businesses - Hypertac, TRAK Microwave Systems, PolyPhaser and Millitech – have been awarded contracts with a total potential value of over US$90 million:

Hypertac has been awarded contracts with a total potential value of $64 million.  These include:

  • A contract for connectors with a potential value of $50 million over the next 15 years.


  • Contracts worth $14 million in total for the Typhoon T2 programme and for supplying high density connectors for use in the automotive industry, in mobile phones and on the Chinese railway network.


TRAK Microwave Systems has been awarded contracts with a total value of $14.8 million.  These include:

  • An $8 million contract to supply equipment for use in emergency 911 radio networks.


  • Contracts worth $6.8 in total for equipment to be deployed on a mobile army vehicle, production support on a separate military programme and a contract to redesign and manufacture sets of an RF payload for a radar system in Canada.


PolyPhaser has won contracts worth over $9.5 million for products to be deployed on two Wireless Telecoms projects.

Millitech has won a $3.7 million contract for the design and development of a next generation Satellite Communications on the Move (SOTM) antenna system to help keep US Armed forces communicating effectively in theatres of operation.


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