Board Committees

In order for the directors to effectively fulfil their collective responsibility the Board has established the Audit & Risk, Nomination & Governance, Remuneration & People, Science, Sustainability and Excellence and Finance Committees. The membership of each Committee can be found here.

Each Committee has authority delegated to it by the Board, and each year the Committee chairs report on the Committee activities in the Annual Report.

Richard Howes
Audit & Risk Committee
Ensures the integrity of the financial reporting and audit processes, and the maintenance of sound internal control and risk management systems.
Steve Williams
Nomination & Governance Committee
Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on the structure, size and composition of the Board and Board Committees, and leads the process for director appointments.
Karen Hoeing
Remuneration & People Committee
Responsible for the Group’s remuneration policy and reviews and oversees the Group’s remuneration strategy for the Chairman, executive directors and senior management.
Dame Ann Dowling
Science, Sustainability and Excellence Committee
Oversees the Group’s culture and approach to science, sustainability and excellence.
Mark Seligman
Finance Committee
Oversees the Group’s approach to M&A activity and potential changes to capital structure including distributions to shareholders.