At Smiths, we’ve been pioneers of progress for 170 years. Driven by our never-ending passion for innovation, quality and excellence. Being responsible around our impacts. Creating new opportunities. Supporting our customers. And improving our world through smarter engineering.
Annual Report 2023
12 October 2023
Our strategic performance, governance and financials for the year ended 31 July 2023.
Annual Results 2023
26 September 2023
Our full year financial results for the period ended 31 July 2023.

We're creating the future

We’ve helped the human world move forwards for 170 years by looking at things differently. By adapting and changing, never standing still. And by always thinking big.

Today, we touch the lives of millions every year across four global markets. All with long-term profitable growth prospects. Where our pioneering spirit helps uncover new opportunities, new technologies, new business models. Where we can improve the world through smarter engineering. As we always have done.