Contracts Support Manager – John Crane

Vicky Williamson

Vicky Williamson

I joined John Crane in 2012 as Feasibility Engineer, then became Business Development Manager. My current role is Contracts Support Manager for EMEA and Asia Pacific. Last year I completed the Smiths Leadership programme which has had a significant impact on me, my work and my vision for my future.

I’m passionate about working with and assessing data, and the value this can create for our customers. When interviewing for the role I knew I could make a significant impact on the business and I consider myself fortunate to have found John Crane and Smiths.

My inspiration comes from knowing I’m valued and trusted with making decisions, taking ownership of my work. We are provided with new and exciting challenges every day, and overcoming those means we’re collectively working on something so much bigger than ourselves – helping reduce the global carbon footprint, reducing customer maintenance costs and providing solutions to modern industrial challenges.

The culture is what makes Smiths unique. We question and verify what we do regularly, avoiding the phrase “It’s always been done like that”. The Smiths approach applies to how we treat each other and our customers, ensuring our approach is right and maintaining our integrity as things inevitably change.