HR Analyst – Smiths Medical

Paul Montague


Paul Montague

I started at Smiths as an intern after University, working with the intern program and on some additional Talent Acquisition efforts. I came on full time as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, where I supported just one recruiter at the time and ran the intern program. Just over a year into that role, I was promoted into my current position, Human Resources Analyst on the Compensation and Benefits team, handling general data requests and compensation queries. The journey is only beginning, so stay tuned!

The opportunity and the people attracted me to Smiths. When I was here for my internship, it was really cool to see how the HR team worked, and the people they collaborated with. I also saw the potential for growth, especially coming into a then smaller talent acquisition team.

Knowing the value I add to the team and organisation once a project is finished is an amazing feeling. Aiming to bring excellence to my everyday work is what I shoot for, knowing it will pay dividends in the future with my career goals.

The people and the momentum of where Smiths is headed is what makes this business unique. There is this feeling of energy you get when you talk to people about their projects and their teams. Everyone is so excited for what is to come.