Operations Director and Site Manager - Smiths Medical

Linda Avison

Linda Avison

Linda Avison

Linda started her career on the shop floor - 33 years later she is the Site Manager of Smiths Luton facility, leading a skilled team of engineers and operators in the production of life-saving paraPAC ventilators.

Before Covid-19, Luton had capacity for 25 ventilators per week. During the Ventilator Challenge UK (VCUK), under Linda’s leadership, weekly production rapidly increased to 200 - all during lockdown. This included recruitment and training of additional production operatives and reconfiguration of production to keep people as safe as possible.

Linda was also instrumental to the broader contribution Smiths made to VCUK. She supported the establishment of new production lines by Rolls Royce and GKN, sharing product expertise and providing engineering, material and test equipment support.

Throughout these efforts Linda kept her people highly engaged, safe and motivated - her leadership was pivotal to the success of her team.

In Linda’s own words - I am proud to have contributed to this effort and helped save lives by supporting the National Health Service, especially because my brother works in the emergency services. Being part of the VCUK has enabled us to work closely with many industry peers, all coming together as one in a time of great need.”

Linda Avison at work