Director, Enabling Technologies – Smiths Interconnect

Jed Bentz


Jed Bentz

My career journey started in a test lab. Beginning the path as a technician in a large company while studying to be a Mechanical Engineer was quite impactful: microscopic visibility of the design process generated a habit to question everything. Continuous improvement and challenging the status quo became second nature to me.

The experience and growth I gained in discovering, implementing and improving processes and products inspired me to go back to school. I decided to challenge myself and develop my skills with an MBA focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It propelled my leadership growth and helped me approach things with humility – respecting the lessons of the past while building excitement and engagement for what could be possible in the future.

My Smiths journey started October 2017. To hear what the company was doing to align for innovation and technology growth was truly inspiring.

While many organisations talk about being innovative, few actually put the emphasis and investment in people to directly focus on it. Smiths has an amazing leadership team that has not only a vision, but a strategy and action for developing a culture of innovation – it gives an audience for the generation, acceptance, and funding of new, disruptive ideas.

Smiths is organised in a unique and rare fashion for progressing its people and technologies.

Find your voice. Be curious. Take advantage of the structure here and be a defining figure in the future of Smiths.