Principal Engineer - Smiths Medical

Bob Burchell

Bob Burchell

Bob Burchell

Bob is a Principal Engineer and the design authority for the paraPAC plus ventilator, with over 30 years of experience at Smiths Medical.

Having been a technical leader on the original product development, he is an expert in pneumatic ventilation.

Without Bob, it would have been impossible to transfer production to other sites as part of the VCUK consortium.

When the consortium was formed, Bob liaised with the Cabinet Office to illustrate how the paraPAC met UK government design requirements.

He was the ‘voice’ of the design; answering product questions, approving changes and offering technical production and design support to the whole consortium. He knows what the product needs to do to meet requirements, and what engineering and design levers can be pulled to increase manufacture.

Bob played a vital role in ramping up production in spite of enormous complexity (over 200 component drawings and over 300 parts). He provided technical expertise and knowledge for McLaren to reverse-engineer all 17 different test boxes, essential to the manufacturing process, ensuring these were validated according to strict medical device regulations.

Bob Burchell at work