Engineering Apprentice at John Crane

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis, Engineering Apprentice at John Crane (part of Smiths Group)

Can you tell us about your current role?
Currently I am working in the machine shops and completing my National Vocation Qualification (NVQ) work for college, which involves me completing jobs using both turning and milling processes.

Prior to this, I was working in gas seal assembly, building seals that went out into the field.

What do you like the most about your role at John Crane?
I absolutely love working for John Crane, it is a great company to work for!

Not only is the work interesting, but I also feel that I am trusted by everyone to do it successfully, which is a good feeling to have.

What are the top five benefits of being an apprentice at Smiths?

  • Gaining a recognised qualification
  • Learning vast amounts of new information both practically and theoretically
  • Working with and learning from some really talented individuals
  • Being able to experience both the work and the workplace of a job that I am interested in first hand
  • Gaining on the job experience before I have to go into a full working life

What advice would you give people thinking about becoming an apprentice?

Just do it. It’s the best decision I have ever made!

Compared to the alternatives that I was faced with at the time (sixth form, college or part time work), this captures the best of them all.

Not only am I getting the education that I would have gone to college for, but I am also earning a good wage and getting the practical experience that will set me apart from others at future job interviews.